Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to KraftOFoodie, the NEXT BIG THING:p

Its all about cookin, craftin and letting your inner-poet out!
Its where I cook and I eat, while you watch, salivate, curse me and end up in your kitchen fixing food. :p

Its healthy (full of calories :p – or maybe not) homemade delicious food, sure to make you drool!

Being a (proud) spice addict, the blog focuses on self-experimented recipes from different cuisines, improvised according to our taste buds.


Not just that, how can we miss arts and crafts and the adorbs DIY projects!
Hang on, dude! It’s all comin your way!

….not to forget that this blog is a revamped version of Provokedmm
a full flesh poetry blog, which we can’t just eliminate :p

Happy bloggin!