Mini Pizzas

  -Tomato Sauce -Chicken and vegies -Mushroom sauce -Pita and cheese TOMATO SAUCE: Tomato paste 150gms Onion 1 small, finely chopped Garlic cloves 7-8 minced/chopped Red chili flakes 1 tsp Brown Sugar 2tbs Salt a pinch Dried oregano/ dried mixed herbs 1.5 tbsp Saute garlic and onions in a tablespoon of oil till slughtly goldenish, … More Mini Pizzas

Time Machine

I’ll search you in the morning breeze,
You’d look for me in the blooming trees,
I’ll breathe in and never exhale,
You’d cut down the tree, keep it safe. … More Time Machine

And if he asks, tell him the stakes were too high, Nevertheless, I crossed the path. Here I stand, breathing in the misery, yet content that I chose the right path. A few dark nights, yet no regrets at heart.