Meet Malka


12891554_612769255545214_261486534069977543_oYou lookin for a My Self Essay, bro? :p

Well, A primary school teacher who spends half the day juggling kids and tasks (burning calories from all that sinful overeating), the rest of the day in her safe haven-her kitchen, experimenting and snapchatting, and the whole of the night in her room coming up with crafting ideas!

And yeaah, how can I miss having a huge serving of food with back-to-back TV shows:p

LONG STORY SHORT: A slightly retarded, food obsessed insomniac, a hopeless romantic poet being allergic to bland food and  beholding a monstrous thang for dark chocolate!

Let’s skip the ‘passionate about food’ speech cause who else would start a blog without having any interest in it whatsoever:p

Hope you find what you’re looking for and follow through the posts with honest feedbacks! Looking forward to being acquainted with y’all!

Happy blogging, cooking, crafting and (time-killer) browsing :p
And yeah! Haapppppy salivating, bro:p