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Pan-fried King fish

Salt to taste

Red chili powder 3 tsp

Haldi/ tumeric 1.5 tsp

Food color 1.5tsp

Lemon juice 5tb

Dhania powder 4-5 tb

Garlic paste 3 tsp

Cumin powder 3tsp

Flour for dusting
Marinate for half hour. 

Dust with flour and pan fry in a pan in a little oil, keep add a 1tb at a timr as required.

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Marinara Sauce with tomato paste


Tomatoes 1/2kg
Tomato paste 1cup
Dried herbs 1tbs
Salt 1tsp
Sugar 1/4cup
Vinegar 1/4cup
Red chili flakes 1tbs
Onions chopped, 1.5cup
Garlic chopped 1/4cup

Put a cross on one end of the tomatoes and microwave them for 6 minutes.

Meanwhile cut the onions and peel and chop garlic and saute on medium flame with a tablespoon of oil until they are soft and translucent.
Take out the tomatoes and Peel off their skin and throw in the blender along with the tomato paste, sugar, salt, chili flakes, vinegar and herbs. Add the sauteed veggies and blend to a smooth paste. Put in the pan and cook for at least 45 minutes on low flame with stirring after intervals.
When all the water has dried out taste and turn off heat. Adjust spices. Voila!

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Granola Bars


2tbs butter
1/2 cup caramel sauce
1/8cup oil
1/2tsp salt
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/8cup honey
1.5tsp vanilla
3/4cup shredded roasted coconut
1cup chocolate corn flakes cereal
1/2cup wheat germ
1/3 cup almonds, roasted, chopped
1/3cup walnuts, roasted, chopped
1/4 cup cashew nuts or raisins or any other nuts
Chocolate chips 1/2cup
3cups quick cooking oats

Heat the butter and caramel sauce in the microwave or pan separately. Then mix together the caramel sauce, butter, vanilla essence, oil, honey, brown sugar, and salt. Skip the salt if your caramel sauce is salted. Mix together the dry ingredients and then mix the wet and dry together.
Layer a baking tray with foil paper and oil it. Spread the granola mixture in it and press it hard down with the hello of a glass or measuring cup. It’s necessary to press it hard to ensure that the bars hold it you’ll be left with a granola cereal alone!
Bake it for 20 minutes till goldenish. Take out from the oven and let it cool down. Refrigerate for two hours then cut into bars. It gets crunchier as it cools down.
You can freeze it in the freezer to retain freshness or put them in a zip lock bag after separately wrapping each in parchment paper.

The idea of this recipe has been taken from the following blog.

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Thai Chicken Curry



Chicken boneless, 1/2kg julienned
Salt 1 tsp
Red chili flakes 1tsp
Black pepper powder 1tsp
Lemon juice 2tbs+4tbs
Garlic minced 2tbs
Oil 4 tbs
Button Mushrooms 8, chopped
Dried lemon grass 3tbs
Coconut milk 400ml
Coconut cream 400ml
Fish sauce 6tbs
Soy sauce 6 tbs
Green  chilies 5, julienned
Button red chilies 10-12
Dried whole red chilies 5
Coriander stalks, chopped 1/2 cup

Marinate chicken for at least 30 minutes in red choli flakes, salt, pepper and 2 tbs of lemon juice.
Saute garlic in oil till goldenish, add in red whole chilies and button red chilies and saute for a few minutes then add the chicken and sauté till whitish in color.  Add the mushrooms and lemon grass and cover and cook on medium heat till water dries. Add coconut milk and let it simmer on medium low heat, covered, till chicken gets tender. It will get tender very soon since we marinated it in lemon juice. Once it’s tender add the coconut cream, fish sauce, soy sauce, lemin juice, coriander stalks and green chilies. Simmer it for a few minutes. Adjust spices, turn off heat and serve hot with steamed rice.

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Cheesy Chicken Steak


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Chicken boneless, steak cut, flattened 6 pieces.
Salt 2tsp
Black pepper 1.5 tbs
White pepper 1tbs
Red chili crushed 2tbs
Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cup
Soya sauce 6-7 tbs
White vinegar 3-4 tbs
Mustard powder 3 tbs or mustard sauce
Oregano or any other dried herbs 2-3tbs




Submerge chicken in water with a little vinegar for fifteen minutes. This helps chicken get tender sooner.
Drain chicken and wash it.

Marinate chicken in all the ingredients and let stay for at least half hour.




Meanwhile make the side dish and the sauce.


Milk 2cups
Flour 4tsp -dissolve in a little water
Salt and black pepper
Cheese 3 slices
Butter 3 tbs
Fresh Cream 4-5 tbs
Oregano 2tbs




Simmer milk on flame till boils, then add in the flour and stir on medium flame till thickened. Turn flame to slow, and add in the cream, cheese, butter and salt and pepper till it is all mixed and consistent.
Gently simmer and turn off heat till ready to be served. Heat a little before serving.







Oil and heat the grill till flaming hot then grill the steaks, three minutes on each side proves to be enough, on medium flame and about half a minute more on high if you want it more charred or if you’re quite diffident quite diffident that it might remain raw, thought it doesn’t cause its chicken babe!




Once grilled, top with sauce and serve with some Garlic Herb Pasta or butter croissants.










And if he asks, tell him the stakes were too high,

Nevertheless, I crossed the path. Here I stand, breathing in the misery, yet content that I chose the right path. A few dark nights, yet no regrets at heart.

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Tired Eyes.

Her shedded tears have dried out,  her eyes are numb and swollen shit.
You tell her all will be fine,  do you yourself believe in it?

They are weary, they are tired,
Gloomy, what you once admired.

No, death isn’t scary, and heaven’s no where near,
Losing him again, is what exactly she fears.

Hold her hand, and tuck her in,
For even God has this phenomenon,
When the storm’s over, it ends,
When your eyes are tired of the rains,
Then comes light wind, brushing away your pains,

Let her sleep till this day ends, her eyes have beared enough.
Let them rest, for the miserable tomorrow is yet to come.

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Happily Never After.

She wanted love but all he wished for was success. She was afraid to fight or argue for her rights, his time, afraid that he might leave her; he did have many other options. Way prettier. Way more beautiful.
She was heartbroken and he grieved, eventually.
He was helpless, apprehensive that he won’t be able to keep her happy.
She never thought she was good enough, he concluded she deserved better.
She never moved on, and he could never be with her.
All she wanted was a promise, but he felt too guilty to make her wait.
Best friends forever,
Lovers at heart,
struck by lightening,
doomed fates,
never to be hitched to one another,
never to be happy.

Hence, Happily Never After.

Shan Foods: Khushiyan Chakh Lo!

Growing up with Shan Foods, with the scrumptious flavors embedded in our taste buds, the motherly values attached to each mouthful. Shan Foods has been an eminent, loyal family member, ever since one can remember.

From adolescence, to adulthood. From tiny specks of flavor, to full flesh meals. From candle light dinners to ‘khaandaan ki daawaten’ (family gatherings). From ‘bahu k hath ka khaana’ to ‘beta America main bhi haleem khudhi bana leta hai’. Illuminating our dining rooms with the tempting colors, filling them with spicy, unavoidable aromas.

It has not only helped women and men all over to make scrumptious meals, holding their necks up high but alongside has strengthened our bonds. Standing by loyally while tiny smiles erupted to room-filling laughs!

What was once just a spice mix, has become a family ritual. What was 3 decades ago a trial pack has become a kitchen ‘must-have’. The spicy Sindhi Biryani has become a Sunday meal, the Shahi Haleem Mix bringing back traditional flavors to our tables. Shan Karahi has overtook ‘highway wali Karahi’ while the Pakora Mix has become a vital iftaar component!
Over the time it has found its way into the hearts of women not only in Pakistan but in various far off places. Making life easier, spicier and flavorful!

Shan Foods latest TVC has gone viral! It has touched hearts. Brought back memories, and penetrated into our soft spots. The tears in the younger brother’s eyes taking us all the way down memory lane, helping each one of us somehow relate, eventually making us realize that no matter how far away our loved ones may be, their presence can always be felt with the food we have, eminently by acquiring the same flavors as in their hands.
Way to go Shan Foods!
#khushiyanchakhlo #MakingDeliciousFoodIsEasierThanEver

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Let her make her own mistakes,
Go through hell, whatever it takes,

Let her try and let her fail,
Let her swim through, let her sail,

Let her drown in the ocean of sorrows,
Let her plan her own tomorrows,

Cause until she tries, she won’t learn,
Until she falls, nothing would she earn,

Until she’s broken, she would pursue,
Until they are crushed, dreams she’d sew,

Don’t push her to follow traditions,
Walk in her siblings patterns,

A unique being is every soul,
Roger that, let her roll.

When every being has a face of its own,
Do you wish to create a personality clone?

Boost her hopes, be by her side,
By her own rules, let her abide,

Manipulation is no key,
Let her fly, let her flee,

Cause if you try to turn her will,
You’d be nothing but the devil,

Do you wanna be her friend or foe,
Dear oh dear, choose wisely, bro.

‘I am Me and You are You’,
Stop manoeuvring, get a clue.

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When she is tiny, when she is naive,
She is taught to pull facades
Show she’s happy,  she is brave,
Initiating her charades,

She is taught to display elation,
A million false expressions,
Hiding away her emotions,
As they navigate her devotions,

When those tiny feet are taught to walk,
She is made into a beauty, no laughingstock,
She is taught to be kind and honest hence,
And what is he taught?  Mere arrogance?

When boys are taught bravery,
She is meant to practice slavery,
In that little pink dress,
Being played as a piece of chess,

While he gets all he wishes for,
She smiles quietly wishing on,
While he teases her and makes her cry,
No one sees the tears behind her smile

All through growing up,
She thinks it might stop,
Sewing dreams on an on,
But every plan flatly falls,

When he hurts her, Breaks her heart,
She’s patient, a piece of art.
Through those tiny little fights,
They grow up, unequal rights,

He, considering himself a King,
She, but a forgotten sting,
The time comes of betrothal,
She is ignored, he is vital,

Taught to remain quiet all through life,
Portrays no feelings all through the strive,
He goes on, marrying off as he pleases,
She, an unhappy bride, struggle increases.

In the lonely nights, when the moon is high,
She wishes for a son, as to save a life,
To save a daughter, to save a girl,
To have a boy than to destroy a precious pearl.

When he finally ruins her life,
Betraying his truthful wife,
Oh, how fair can this be?
She suffers while he flees?

In the dark days, when the sun’s too bright,
In the gloomy nights, when there isn’t any light,
She strolls down her memory lane,
All the compromises, sacrifices, all in vain?

What of all her loyalty? Her traits?
What of all the things she hates?
What of all the steps she took?
Raising kids than touching a book?

Those tiny hearts, no matter how naive,
Wouldn’t you rather make them brave?
Wouldn’t you rather teach boys honor?
Then make daugters hide away in horror?

Wouldn’t you rather curb his flaws?
Rather all her life, making her pull facades?
So, every time he hurts her, make her fight back,
Tell her she is a queen, a tit for tat.

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Cancer, f*** you.

Merely, our body fights one cancer cell everyday that might have turned into a tumour. That one cancer cell that his immune system couldn’t destroy, I wish it was in me rather than him.


Lucky are the tears that have a hand below to catch them before they even fall.
Lucky are the people who can forget and let go.

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Maybe, we can never be friends
We were never meant to be

Maybe, I am not that patient girl
I am like every other swirl

Maybe, I jinx my own life,
Cant win. Can’t strive,

Maybe, there are too many maybes
Can’t acquire opportunities, let alone seize.