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Spring rolls

Cabbage julienne 1.5 cup

Carrots julienne 1 cup

Capsicum julienne 3/4h cup

Salt and pepper to taste

Chicken cube 1

Chicken boiled/leftover and shredded 1/2cup 

Soya sauce 3tbs (don’t add too much or the filling !makes the phyllo sheet soggy)

Chinese salt 2 tbs

Phyllo roll sheets

Saute all the above on high flam and adjust spices. 

Set aside till it cools down so that the roll sheet doesn’t get all soggy.

Make rolls with the filling and seal the rolls with a mixture of flour and water to keep them from opening. 

Deep fry or pan fry them and serve with ketchup or schezwan sauce. 



"I am a bird, brought up by angels, pushed into the meadow of words, fluttering my wings through the darkness of night and the beams of morn." Precisely, I'm a writer, a poet, a crafter and a food lover! Two phrases that sum up my being: food for thought, and food for my tummy! XOXO, malkaam

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