Posted in Misc.

Pan-fried King fish

Salt to taste

Red chili powder 3 tsp

Haldi/ tumeric 1.5 tsp

Food color 1.5tsp

Lemon juice 5tb

Dhania powder 4-5 tb

Garlic paste 3 tsp

Cumin powder 3tsp

Flour for dusting
Marinate for half hour. 

Dust with flour and pan fry in a pan in a little oil, keep add a 1tb at a timr as required.



"I am a bird, brought up by angels, pushed into the meadow of words, fluttering my wings through the darkness of night and the beams of morn." Precisely, I'm a writer, a poet, a crafter and a food lover! Two phrases that sum up my being: food for thought, and food for my tummy! XOXO, malkaam

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