Chicken Alfredo pasta

Chicken 250gm,  cut into 1inch pieces

Frewsh minced garlic 1.5tbs

Lemon juice 2tbs

Black pepper powder 1tsp

Salt to taste
Marinate chicken in the above and let rest for 15 minutes.

Then add 2tbs of butter to it and transfer to a wok to cook on medium low flame till chicken is tender. 
Mushrooms 1/2cup chopped

Corn 1/2 cup (if using)

Milk 2 cups ( dissolve 2tbs Corn flour in it)

Cheddar cheese 3/4 cup shredded/ cheddar cheese slices 5/ Cheese triangles 6

Cream 1.5 packet

Pasta 3/4 packet, boiled
 Add the mushrooms and corn and saute then add the milk+cornflour mixture and cook till it thickens. Mix in the cheese and as soon as it melts add in the cream and red chili flakes and stir. Turn off heat as soon as it starts to simmer. Adjust spices. Then add the boiled pasta to it and mix. Turn on flame just for a minute so the pasta gets warm. Don’t overcook or the sauce might curdle. 


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