Chicken Chili with Chow Mein


Chicken half kg
Green garlic, chopped, 2 tbs
Capsicum 1, cubed
Cabbage 1/2, cubed
Green chilies 7-8
Salt to taste
Black pepper 1tsp
Soya sauce 4-5 tbs
Sugar 2-3 tbs
Garlic paste 1tbs or crushed 5-6 cloves


De-seed green chilies and cut them in strips. Saute in a little oil, till chilies are slightly colored.
Take the chilies out and set aside.






In the same pan, add garlic and a tbs of oil and saute till fragrant then add chicken and saute on high flame till whitish. Then add salt and pepper and cover till it cooks through. Meanwhile cut the cabbage and capsicum.
Add green garlic to the chicken along with veggies and soya sauce and sugar, saute on high flame. Add in fried green chilies.
To make it a bit saucy, mix 2tbs of corn flour dissolved in 250-300ml water and add to the pan and cook on high flame till sauce thickens.  Voila!



Spaghetti 450 gms
Cabbage -half, julienne 1 1/2 cup
Capsicum 2 julienne 1 cup
Carrots 3-4 juliene / 3/4th cup
Soya sauce 8 tbs
Salt 2tsp or to taste
Black pepper 2tsp
White pepper 1tsp
Sugar 3tbs
Chinese salt 3tbs
Garlic paste 1 tbs
Spring onions 3tbs
Green garlic 3tbs





Break spaghetti into three pieces each stick and boil el-dante. That is it shouldn’t be too soft but should have a bite.



While the pasta boils, cut the vegetables.


Saute the garlic and green garlic in a tbs of oil. Add in spring onions and rest of veggies along with the spices; salt, black pepper, white pepper, Chinese salt, sugar and crumbled chicken stock cubes.
Stir on high flame and add soya sauce and saute for a minute or two and add in boiled spaghetti and stir nicely, till well-mixed. Adjust spices.


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