Cheesy Chicken Steak


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Chicken boneless, steak cut, flattened 6 pieces.
Salt 2tsp
Black pepper 1.5 tbs
White pepper 1tbs
Red chili crushed 2tbs
Worcestershire sauce 1/2 cup
Soya sauce 6-7 tbs
White vinegar 3-4 tbs
Mustard powder 3 tbs or mustard sauce
Oregano or any other dried herbs 2-3tbs




Submerge chicken in water with a little vinegar for fifteen minutes. This helps chicken get tender sooner.
Drain chicken and wash it.

Marinate chicken in all the ingredients and let stay for at least half hour.



Meanwhile make the side dish and the sauce.


Milk 2cups
Flour 4tsp -dissolve in a little water
Salt and black pepper
Cheese 3 slices
Butter 3 tbs
Fresh Cream 4-5 tbs
Oregano 2tbs




Simmer milk on flame till boils, then add in the flour and stir on medium flame till thickened. Turn flame to slow, and add in the cream, cheese, butter and salt and pepper till it is all mixed and consistent.
Gently simmer and turn off heat till ready to be served. Heat a little before serving.






Oil and heat the grill till flaming hot then grill the steaks, three minutes on each side proves to be enough, on medium flame and about half a minute more on high if you want it more charred or if you’re quite diffident quite diffident that it might remain raw, thought it doesn’t cause its chicken babe!




Once grilled, top with sauce and serve with some Garlic Herb Pasta, mashed potatoes or butter croissants.











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