Caramel Sauce


Brown sugar 2cups packed
Butter 8tbs
Cream 1/2cup
Salt 1tsp
Vanilla Essence 1tsp

Caramel sauce is all about taking the sugar to the edge of burning, its the fine line between burnt sugar and actual one :p  So youve got to be really careful when youre making it and watch it like a hawk!



Melt sugar in a pan with a wooden spoon on medium flame wand keep mixing the sugar, it will form clumps at first and stick to the spoon but no worries, because it will melt down once all of it had melted.

Keep mixing till the sugar has all melted, the second all of it had melted, right away add the butter. It might splatter so be careful. And mix it and cook till it melts and mixes with the sugar. I had to kinda whisk it with the widen spoon so it all comes together.

Then you’ll have a smooth kinda sauce, add in the cream, it will form bubbles and come up so keep a close eye and continuously mix it and gently cook for a while till all of it is mixed and add in salt and when the mixture seems all gooey and smooth, its done!  Don’t over cook the sauce it you might burn it.

The sauce gets thicker as it cools. You can stop it for about a week in an air tight container in the fridge or if its cold then even in the kitchen counter or drawers, whatever.
When using it on something gently heat it again and top off your favorite dessert!


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