I built my life around you,
Now lays a rubble under the sky deep blue,
All the tiny houses, the windows, the doors,
lying on the sidewalk, bricks and broken tiled floors,

I wipe away my damp cheeks, holding love hostage,
Flame up a lighter as I stand atop the wreckage,
Gazing at the moist debris at my feet,
Dampened by my tears, as far as eyes can see,

Ablazing these ruins would require an eternity,
To burn away your visions, your loving memory,
I throw the lighter on those broken pieces,
Hoping soon they’d turn to ashes,

Recalling your words, your warm embraces,
Took a step ahead, and tripped on my untied laces,
Only to fall back in the chaos underneath,
The chipped glass piercing my skin, as I bleed,

The worn out lighter laughed in my face,
Reminding me its a never-ending race,
The more I try I fight it, the more it strengthens,
The force that ties me to you, the yearning heightens,

Now I lay on the mess I call my life,
As I wonder how long I’d live to strive?
And among those thoughts all I wish for is you,
I keep praying, while God believes its a misconstrue,

The connection’s hacked, or glitches reside,
That makes HIM think I don’t wish to be by your side,
My bleeding skin aches as I search for answers,
Elusiveness stays tight, as hope reenters.


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