Chicken bread with black eye bean salad.

Lets begin at the very beginning.
The craving that made you undertake this hard labor? The urge o have scrumptious soft bread, with creamy, melting-in-the-mouth filling. God. Yum.
And most importantly, all without an oven! Oh yeah, my wannabe oven is in action!

K bro. Let’s stop rambling about and start alread.

-Makes 8 chicken bread loaves-

Flour 3.25 cups +1/2 cup for dusting
Butter 6 TBS
Sugar 4tbs
Milk 1 cup
Salt 1 tsp
Eggs 2
Yeast 5tsp

Eggs for brushing
Heat the butter in a pan till melted and turn off heat. Add in salt, milk and sugar and mix till thoroughly dissolved.

Crack the eggs and add in it and mix well.
Add in yeast and let stay for a minute.
Then I give yeast a stir to mix evenly and let it rest for another ten black eye beans

minutes while I measure the flour and clear the table.
This is almost what it looks like, in case you have better active yeast, it might be even more bubbly.
Now add in the flour (Yes, i missed that picture of adding flour to the yeastyy mixture 😢) and mix nicely with a wooden spoon till the dough is formed, which will be quite sticky at this stage.
Cover and let it rise for about 1 hour.

Meanwhile, make the filling.


Chicken boiled and shredded 2.5 cups(I used one chickens’s breast piece which was quite enough)
Onions 3 medium finwely chopped
Green chilies 5 chopped
Coriander 6tbs chopped
Salt 1tsp
Black pepper 1tsp
Garam masala/all spice powder 1tsp
Milk 350ml
Flour 3tbs heaped
Butter 2tbs

Heat butter in a saute onions in it till soft.
Then add flour, salt, pepper, garam masala and mix.
Pour in milk and keep mixing till thickened.
Add in chicken,  coriander and green chilies and mix well.
Adjust spices.
Keep aside.
I took out a tiny bowl without the green chilies for my little nieces who jump at the thought of chilies -.-



Now, one hour down. Dough doubled in size.
Punch that risen flour down and deflate it. Its gonna be sticky a bit so dust your knuckles with flour before digging in! Or you might curse me later for not giving you the heads up :p
Knead it for about two minutes, add a little flour if its too sticky.
Set aside and let rise for another half hour.
Letting the dough rise a couple of times is what makes it extra soft and yummy.


*30 minutes of rest gone*

Deflate dough again, punch it down like a ninja and fold it till it forms a soft ball.
Now dust your hand with flour and divide it into 8 portions and roll one by one into flat 1/2inch thick rectangle shape.
Put the filling in middle and cut the sides of the rectangle as follows and cold each strip over the other to get the shown shape.
Then put it aside and let rise for another half hour.

As shown in the pictures I used three different ways of making the bread:

1. Rolled with a pin and folded from line end all the way to the other.
2. Pressed with hand, keeping thicker at middle and thinner edges, folded from each side meeting all the way in the middle.
3. FOR THE KIDDOS! Rolled it with a pin in a circle (yes I make amazing circle Rotis:p) then sliced and put the filling, folded and finally gave it eyes to look and a nose to smell :p

Lemme show you.

Place the rolls on a oiled pan, brush with egg wash and put it on the rack, cover the big pan and let bake for 15minutes on medium flame and two minutes on high. Timing may vary a bit cause of change of pan, heat and temperature.


The above piture is from the last time i made it.

And yyeah, my little cutie pie is helping me out:p in oiling and testing :p

And its done! Voila!!!!!:D


While I was waiting I fixed a salad to go along. A black eyed beans salad😍

Here goes the recipe:

Meanwhile the poofing and every little time slot this is what I did.

Black eyed beans 1.5 cup (soaked for an hour then boiled with a pinch if baking soda and salt)
Onions 2 medium -chop chop!
Green chilies 3 -chop chop!
Tomatoes 2 – chop chop (which I didn’t have today 😖)
Coriander leaves 4tbs
Half a lemon
Chat masala 1 tsp
Red chili flakes 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Ketchup 1/2 cup
Soya sauce 3 tbspoons
Cumin seeds 1tbspoon
Garlic cloves 5-6 chop chop!

Saute the garlic in 1 tsp oil. ( yeppp I use the same pan, guilt-free, lesser dirty dishes! Woohoo!)
Add in all the other ingredients and mix. Adjust spices. Voilaaaa!

Another yummier way of making it is by sautéing garlic in oil then adding onions and tomatoes and sauteing those till tomatoes are soft then adding everything else. This way the tomatoey flavor is enhanced and its wayy yummierr. That’s the one in the picture from the last time I made the chicken bread.

Oh and yeahhh!! About my wannabe-oven:

This is how I do it.


And then place my frying pan (wannabe baking dish) and put the lid on. Tadaaa!!!

Start making five hours before.

Also make sure when you roll the dough, it should be thicker from middle and thinner from sides. At least 1/2inch thick from middle or the base gets really crispy.

Bakes in 17 minutes on medium flame in wannabe stove oven, keep brushing with egg wash on intervals.  15mins medium flame, 2 mins high.


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