Time Machine

Years from now,

I’ll be sitting on the balcony,
Sipping my mocha coffee,
Staring at the misty morn,
While the sun paces to dawn,
Looking down on the crowded streets,
Jam-packed, as far as eyes meet
People, like a swarm of bees,
Making their way through the day,
Busy with their routine chores,
While the kid in the playground scores,
A normal day, a normal sun,
A normal shopping, a normal run,

Through the blurry sky,
The misty breeze, all dry,
I look up and beyond the skies,
Wishing, after staring at the passerbys,
my eyes wet as I present my wish,
Scattered thoughts, on the memory dish,
Questions and questions, tangle my nerves,
Elusiveness and perplexion standing on the turfs,
Wondering how you’d be, and where?
Wondering whether my wishes you share?
Wishing you’d have succeeded and prospered,
Whether your ideas would be as honored?

A thousand miles away, on a night so clear,
You’d be leaning back in your office chair,
Eyes fixated at the glistening chandelier,
As the glass bottle tinkled, against the gold sphere,
Gently making melody, echoing through the room,
As you stare at it, while memories bloom,
Taking you down the bumpy road,
The path of stories untold
Remembering my face, my slight smile,
my eyes, my love, my presence by your side,
As the night fell, outside the window,
The sky shone with stars aligned in a row,
Tracing my name on the dark clouds,
You’d think of me, sighing out loud.

You shut your eyes,  and let memories flow,
Tiny pearls emerging from those eyes narrow,
Strolling gently through the hoops,
Untangling the nerves, forming loops,
Unaware and anxious to know,
How was I? What I went through?
Where and how I had been?
All this time that seems eternity
Seems like forever, an instance,
Without my mere perseverance,
You open your eyes and search the sky,
Wondering if all this was a nightmare, a lie?
If everything would be back how it was?
We’d relive our lives,  break nature’s laws?
My new morning, would be your end of day
How tormenting, we would be so far away
Timings would differ, But feelings coincide,
Everyday every night, we’d take the same ride,
Like a see saw; to make you escalate, I go down,
For me, you do the same without a frown,
Will we ever be on the same side of the lever?
Is it just me, or are you also a believer?
Will this ride ever be rusty, ever pause or truncate?
Will ever with each others smiles our lives illuminate?
Wondering if I’ll ever see you again,
Waiting for a sign and I’ll get on the plane
Fly all the way down to you,
You can hold close and never let go?

Sadly, the tragic truth forever breathes,
We’d never get back since we took our leaves,
Apprehensive you’d be, diffident I’d stay,
In our own tiny assumptions, spend each day,
Wishing wishes that would never come true,
With each others memories, we’ll get through.
I’ll search you in the morning breeze,
You’d look for me in the blooming trees,
I’ll breathe in and never exhale,
You’d  cut down the tree, keep it safe.

I’ll be sitting on the balcony,
Sipping my mocha coffee,
A thousand miles away, on a night so clear,
You’d be leaning back in your office chair,
I’ll occupy your mind,  while you live in mine,
Pulling facades, as our wet eyes shine.


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