Right after the sun set,
I sat in my couch with my hair wet,
As the cool breeze stroked them aside,
Sending chills down my spine,
Remembering how you scolded me,
For not taking care, being clumsy,
Striking aside the thought,
Peace is what my mind sought,
Cutting myself some slack,
Leaning against the couch’s  leather back,
And thought about you for hours and hours,
Tracing your name in the sky full of stars,
Found myself hating, then loving you,
All over again falling for you.

Letting reality settle in,
Resting my hand against my chin,
Embracing your gentle memories,
Your adorable words, ecstasies,
Sailing in your affection boat,
Let off my chest’s load,
Let it flow and let it out,
Hugging myself, sobbing out loud,
In that darkness, with no one to hear,
Through my heart, the pain seared,
Loud and clear, screaming out your name,
In this game for two, there’s no one to blame,
Letting my thoughts strangle me,
as I choked half way through the memory spree.

Out comes a hand from utter darkness,
Pulling me out of the frightening blurriness,
Cutting the ropes that throttled my neck,
Embracing affectionately, hugging me from the back,
Putting me out of my misery,
‘Baby I’m home, believe me’
In his arms I slumbered away to my dream lands,
As he stroked back my jet black hair strands.


Woke up alone in the bed for two,
On my bedside rested a coffee brewed,
I smiled at the sun as it scorched and shined,
Searched my room for signs of you,
This tiny smile turned to perplexion,
Wondering was last night a concussion?

Disappointed, I went out to find you, my love,
And panicked girls in white held me and shoved,
Taking me to my bed, injecting fluids,
I resisted and pulled back, but no luck,
Exhausted, I laid back in that white electric bed,
Strangled in wires and tubes, all trapped,
As I drifted off, a vow I made so true,
Baby, one day I’ll wake up beside you.

One day when it ends, my rooms lights go out,
Pulling me back to life, these white girls aren’t around,
I’ll meet you in heaven, where you reside,
Wishing, very soon our God decides,
Till then beloved, I’ll sleep in your warm embrace,
And wake up searching you all over the place,
No matter I have to put up how many fights,
With you beside, I’ll get through those long nights.


Picture Credits: Shuttertock


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