When Winter Fell

I lye here and I recall,

That very last nights of the fall,

There’s a stream of water

Gushing down in a splatter

Running wild down these cheeks

Every moment, of disappointment reeks

It was all right there,

Within easy grasp,

I could hold his hand,

I could question, I could ask,

I could peck his skin,

So warm, so alive,

I could hold him close,

I could argue, I could lose,

His wrinkled hands,

So soft and gentle,

I could hold them through the dark,

Prayed along till he fell asleep,

It was all right there,

Within easy grasp,

And one winter morning,

The winter fell,

The fine morning shattered,

I break once again, as I dwell,

The longest winter that’s ever been,

So alone though surrounded by kiths and kin,

It all went away as the sun set

Leaving behind empty souls,  eyes wet

The screams, sniffles, whimpers, echo in my ears,

That one day sprouted our deepest fears,

He laid right there, under his very roof,

Gone forever, his soul-less body the proof,

I swear I saw him breathe in the night,

When all slumbered, grief had won the fight,

Maybe those tears blurred my sight,

Or maybe hallucinations were running wild

Maybe I’ve know why I call it ‘the fall’,

Souls escape, to the other side of the wall,

Days fade, long eternal nights,

Happiness slumbers, griefs stay tight.


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