Never in a Million Years

“I saw him pulling away, the tight thread loosening up, the strength washed away with the burden of tears. Guilt. Wishes. Pessimism.

I saw him and I crashed, fell to the ground, and lost it all. My heart sank deeper, my heart went numb, not a ounce of blood pumping, as I sat their on my knees, eyes tired of the lazy tears, heart tires of the unending misery. ”

He thought they’d be happy, eventually… Yet unforeseen stands the future, ‘eventuallies’ are nothing but treacherous.

And as he saw the tears rolling down her eyes, nothing could stop him! No force of nature, from hugging her close, making vows that both of them knew deep in their hearts were never to be kept. Yet he held her in his warm embrace, protecting her, merely protecting himself from a lifelong of regret. Pulling her against his chest, pecking her hair and feeding every moment to his memory monster, always to keep alive. Always to cherish.

Being her safe haven, holding her close, way closer, as he looked up at the moon with enquiring eyes, ‘do we have a chance in a million years?’ ‘In a million years would we be meant to be?’

And to his disappointment, yet predicted answer, the moon veiled itself behind the dark clouds, and his reply echoed in his ears though unsaid. ‘Never in a million years.’


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