Be aware, One day, I wont be around,

Desperatley, you’ll search the crowd,

When you are high and praised,

By your presence events are graced,

Not my familiar face would appear,

Won’t matter love, not lavalieres,

Won’t matter the broken vows,

What, why, when and how’s,

You’ll search my familiar eyes,

Remembering your lies,

Every word you spoke to push me away,

How you thought I was better off that way,

All the memories would go on flashback,

Their shine, the luster, stars would lack.

Nights would be tormenting,

Days hard, untempting,

Life would be elusive, no answers, not a word,

Even standing  on top of the world,

No you won’t find my face,

Your eyes searching all over the place.

I’d be gone, Baby too far,

Beyond the moon, beyond the stars,

You’ll shut your eyes, all you’d see is me,

Darling beware , of how much you’ll miss me.


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