Red Gown

When the storm has passed,

Don’t think any of this would last,

I’ll be too far to catch a glimpse,

A crushed vase but I won’t wince,

Your each glance i get, every glimpse I catch,

Not in the world, lies there a match,

And I close my eyes, to pull away,

But your memories are stuck, here to stay,

No matter how many people I talk to,

Theres nothing that can undo,

This love I behold. For precious you.

You caught me off guard,

now I am flowing away,

In the oceans of forgotten ones,

My soul’s astray.

It was bound to happen,

Yet hopeful I was,

Nothing did you hide,

Yet hurt every clause.

I’m troubled , i make no sense,

Got not a word in my defence,

Oh awaiting red gown,

Betrothal is tormenting than demise,

Let white overtake, be wise.


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