birthday blues

Why’d you give me birth?

Why blew life into me?

When all my share holds is miseries

When I’m only surrounded by treacheries

Why were birthdays born?

When on death all that’s done is mourn

Why am I in this world?

My life’s all blurred

Why should I punish this pillow?

With tears filling its hollow

Why god why did you keep me alive

All I’m done is squished like a chive

Why did you take him and why not me?

Why was there less life in him than me?

And every one  is allowed one birthday wish,

Pray take me away, I’m a cold water fish

Where everyone else does, I don’t belong,

End this life God, don’t let it prolong.

I wonder why hatchdays are celebrated?

On that very day, hopes elevated

Its nothing but a mirage, a cold blooded lie,

Made up by the cunning, the strange, the sly

Its nothing but a year closer to your death,

So I shut my eyes, don’t lemme wake up from this bed

Let the day I was born,

My my last all in all.

Let all the memories set,

With me in my death bed.

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