One Last Crime

Let this be my last goodbye 

Don’t be sad cause I’ll surely cry


Hold me close for the one last time

Let’s put an end to this rhyme


Never was it supposed to happen

Neither is it supposed to last


Let’s let go off while we’re ahead

Hearts will be crushed and tears shed 


Don’t let my watery eyes yet stop you

These tears are persistent like morning dew


With time they’ll wash away for sure

Till then lemme stay in this enclosure


Never get out, and never be seen

Never let my head get over our dream


I’ll put you in my heart, oh so close

While you can move on with the one you chose


Let me go and bury myself 

Like books on the top shelf


Lemme hide out under the grey skies

Let me grieve and mourn as time flies


I vow that I wont get over you

Never in a million years, that’s true


Holding you back is something I’ll never do

Go live your life, hon, pray let me go


It hurts, breaks my heart

To see her on your arm


Yet every now and then, every time

I try to portray I am but fine


Your happiness is all that matters

Though my heart it shatters


Hug me for the one last time

Let it be our very last crime


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