Deja Vu

Got out of bed in the morning,

No doubt after a sleepless night,

Winning against my tears, one bloody fight

As insomniacs stay wide awake,

Fixed a smile, oh so fake,

As infants shut their eyes

Thinking they can’t be seen

Shut my eyes all night

Pretending to sleep.

Walked out to the kitchen,

And every step I took gave a deja vu feeling,

How I walked down the stairs,

There you stood, oh so appealing.

With open arms and a open heart,

Holding me close like a monument of art.

Filled a glass of water,

Hence, the memory splatter.

Reminded me of you,

How I offered you a glass

Touching your immaculate lips to it

Taking sips like a Greek god.

Drank it up and went to bed,

Tried to let lose the memory thread,

Put my head on a pillow,

For once wished to be shallow,

Reminded me of how I rested

Head in your lap, all protected

As you stroke my hair and pecked my eyes

As I lay there embracing the moment.

Cursed my life, and screamed into the pillow,

Wish I could scream louder, get rid of this abyss hollow,

My every moment is filled with you,

How can you think you can just go?

You’ll live here even when long gone,

Alone i’ll bear the destruction of the storm,

Can’t mould my heart, no lover no thorn.

Pray get this, Dear Oh Dear,

Losing you is all I fear,

End this misery, hold my hand,

In your kingdom, let my parachute land,

I’m a stray diver, destined to fall hard,

Catch me, love me like its still the start,

I’m a discarded postcard,

A useless piece of art,

Pick me up and put it on your pocket,

Take out all grief, with love stock it.

My smile’s like a lost fragrance,

Come closer and fill me with yours,

My life’s breaking, my body’s shaking,

Hold me babe, don’t let me go,

Hug me close, let the affection flow.

Let the deja vu, turn into reality

Let us have happiness, infinity.

I sont care and I won’t fear

Even if some other girl gives a stare

Cause I know in this heart,

You belong to me from the start. ❤


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