Staying, and the prices you pay.

Girl you gotta make peace with what you chose,
You were never pushed into it, never forced
Keep your heart open, tell it tales,
Recall all the reasons that made you stay,
How he keeps your heart secure, makes you sway,
How he’s no none’s but yours, at the end of the day,

You chose to stay,
This is the price you pay,
The reward is fulfilling,
Though moments are killing,
You made promises,  you’re bound to keep,
As long as you aren’t taken for granted,
Bound by affection, bound by love
Not by some act, legislation or rule,

Remember all the pinks not the blues,
A look at him, and it burns your fuse,
Remember that smile that enlightens your life?
Remember how he desires to make you his wife?
Life is tough, elusive as ever,
Dreams don’t come true, be clever.
Know it in your heart, push it in your brain,
All that matters is the feelings, don’t strain.

The look in his eyes as u went up the stairs was no bluff,
Baby it made it all worth it, his deep love, isn’t it enough,
Looking at newborns, how he wants a daughter with you?
He wishes you to be his kids mom, that’s all thats of use.

I know it hurts, like salt on wounds,
Like through your skull, a bullet shoots,
Every moment gets harder than the former,
Don’t you worry girl, you’re way stronger,
Imagining your love in another’s arms,
Its hellish I know, not one easy task. 

This other girl is not outta love but duty,
Merely an act of humanity,
Gotta stand by his side,
Support him with might.

You are his zing, and he’s your muse,
you are his life, he’s afraid to lose,
He’s your man and you his girl,
Though there isn’t one but many swirls,
Know it in your heart, know your place,
As bad as it appears, but you’re one he won’t replace.


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