Shan Foods: Khushiyan Chakh Lo!

Growing up with Shan Foods, with the scrumptious flavors embedded in our taste buds, the motherly values attached to each mouthful. Shan Foods has been an eminent, loyal family member, ever since one can remember.

From adolescence, to adulthood. From tiny specks of flavor, to full flesh meals. From candle light dinners to ‘khaandaan ki daawaten’ (family gatherings). From ‘bahu k hath ka khaana’ to ‘beta America main bhi haleem khudhi bana leta hai’. Illuminating our dining rooms with the tempting colors, filling them with spicy, unavoidable aromas.

It has not only helped women and men all over to make scrumptious meals, holding their necks up high but alongside has strengthened our bonds. Standing by loyally while tiny smiles erupted to room-filling laughs!

What was once just a spice mix, has become a family ritual. What was 3 decades ago a trial pack has become a kitchen ‘must-have’. The spicy Sindhi Biryani has become a Sunday meal, the Shahi Haleem Mix bringing back traditional flavors to our tables. Shan Karahi has overtook ‘highway wali Karahi’ while the Pakora Mix has become a vital iftaar component!
Over the time it has found its way into the hearts of women not only in Pakistan but in various far off places. Making life easier, spicier and flavorful!

Shan Foods latest TVC has gone viral! It has touched hearts. Brought back memories, and penetrated into our soft spots. The tears in the younger brother’s eyes taking us all the way down memory lane, helping each one of us somehow relate, eventually making us realize that no matter how far away our loved ones may be, their presence can always be felt with the food we have, eminently by acquiring the same flavors as in their hands.
Way to go Shan Foods!
#khushiyanchakhlo #MakingDeliciousFoodIsEasierThanEver


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