Let her make her own mistakes,
Go through hell, whatever it takes,

Let her try and let her fail,
Let her swim through, let her sail,

Let her drown in the ocean of sorrows,
Let her plan her own tomorrows,

Cause until she tries, she won’t learn,
Until she falls, nothing would she earn,

Until she’s broken, she would pursue,
Until they are crushed, dreams she’d sew,

Don’t push her to follow traditions,
Walk in her siblings patterns,

A unique being is every soul,
Roger that, let her roll.

When every being has a face of its own,
Do you wish to create a personality clone?

Boost her hopes, be by her side,
By her own rules, let her abide,

Manipulation is no key,
Let her fly, let her flee,

Cause if you try to turn her will,
You’d be nothing but the devil,

Do you wanna be her friend or foe,
Dear oh dear, choose wisely, bro.

‘I am Me and You are You’,
Stop manoeuvring, get a clue.


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