When she is tiny, when she is naive,
She is taught to pull facades
Show she’s happy,  she is brave,
Initiating her charades,

She is taught to display elation,
A million false expressions,
Hiding away her emotions,
As they navigate her devotions,

When those tiny feet are taught to walk,
She is made into a beauty, no laughingstock,
She is taught to be kind and honest hence,
And what is he taught?  Mere arrogance?

When boys are taught bravery,
She is meant to practice slavery,
In that little pink dress,
Being played as a piece of chess,

While he gets all he wishes for,
She smiles quietly wishing on,
While he teases her and makes her cry,
No one sees the tears behind her smile

All through growing up,
She thinks it might stop,
Sewing dreams on an on,
But every plan flatly falls,

When he hurts her, Breaks her heart,
She’s patient, a piece of art.
Through those tiny little fights,
They grow up, unequal rights,

He, considering himself a King,
She, but a forgotten sting,
The time comes of betrothal,
She is ignored, he is vital,

Taught to remain quiet all through life,
Portrays no feelings all through the strive,
He goes on, marrying off as he pleases,
She, an unhappy bride, struggle increases.

In the lonely nights, when the moon is high,
She wishes for a son, as to save a life,
To save a daughter, to save a girl,
To have a boy than to destroy a precious pearl.

When he finally ruins her life,
Betraying his truthful wife,
Oh, how fair can this be?
She suffers while he flees?

In the dark days, when the sun’s too bright,
In the gloomy nights, when there isn’t any light,
She strolls down her memory lane,
All the compromises, sacrifices, all in vain?

What of all her loyalty? Her traits?
What of all the things she hates?
What of all the steps she took?
Raising kids than touching a book?

Those tiny hearts, no matter how naive,
Wouldn’t you rather make them brave?
Wouldn’t you rather teach boys honor?
Then make daugters hide away in horror?

Wouldn’t you rather curb his flaws?
Rather all her life, making her pull facades?
So, every time he hurts her, make her fight back,
Tell her she is a queen, a tit for tat.


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