R.I.P. Good Days.

I don’t believe any good day would come
I am leaving this life, leaving undone,
No promises fulfilled,
All goals and aims killed,
Cause victory is nothing without you by my side,
I am done travelling alone in this roller coaster ride.
Aspirations are many, Chances are few,
Once lost, can’t regain, its true.
Our tries are boundless,
Hearts restless,
Holding on tight,
Refraining fights,
Holding dear,
Conquering fear.

Dear, oh dear,
Can’t bare to see you like this,
You tell me its fine, we’ll find bliss,
We are both aware this is just the beginning,
Beginning of the obstructions, increasing,
I can’t bare a frown on your face,
I am done with this worldly chase,
Intruders are many,
Hopes are few,
Done with disappointments,
Putting miseries to ends,
Done with letting you down,
Done with being the imprisoned clown.
Well aware are we of our immense love,
Yet this is required t be done.

I don’t believe any good days would come,
I am leaving this world leaving undone,
The problems are too much to take,
Intruders concern is all but fake,
Baby, forgive me for this is a necessity,
I can’t see us both forever in this atrocity,
I’ll always live in your heart’s tiles,
Say goodbye with a happy smile,
Hold me close, let me hide,
Until I end my life’s ride,
And when I am safely dug in the ground,
Safe asleep inside the earth’s mound,
Be happy for what we had ,
Not a moment of it do I regret,
This is for the good of us both,
You’ll safely move on with your life,
Lesser will be the the immense strives,
My good days are over,
Don’t let yours be,
Find yourself a pretty maiden,
Don’t let yourself drown ‘again’,

Rest in peace good days,
Rest in peace my corpse.


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