Babe, it hurts to consider the flaws i behold,
These tears rushing down, cant control,
the burden of my roots is excruciating,
i wonder why this pain isn’t truncating?
belonging to such people, who keep me from you,
I want to be yours, God make this true!
All those things we want, all the desires we behold,
How you wanna pamper and spoil me, in ways untold.
Though you love me unconditionally,
cant stop cursing myself, naturally,
Cursing for all the things I’ve missed,
Hurting myself, thrashing heart with bloody fists,
though you express your love over and over,
Yet my heart sinks lower and lower.
Though i tell you i’m here forever,
Can you see this broken heart of your lover?
its crushed, still beating,
beautiful memories repeating,
Blaming my roots, considering odds,
Hiding the pain, pulling facades.
Baby, how i want you to hold me close,
Tell me you love me of course,
Express that these things don’t matter at all,
though it would be a lie, all in all.
You think I cant see what lies therein?
in your heart, feelings dying.
The desires the wants have come down to the shores,
Oceans are still, sand’s coarse.
The tiny rocks piercing our skin fiercely,
Our hearts throbbing immensely,
i wonder for how long will you be able to put up?
how long do i have till my world goes glum?
Baby, Come over, grabbing a knife alongside,
To cut off my roots, so you’ll be all mine,
Many will abandon me, hurt as much as it will,
i’ll collapse in your arms, promise to hold me still.
Or lets just make this easy for you,
When you are tired, Just leave me too.
I promise i ll try to be fine,
Wont show you the pain,to myself will whine,
babe your happiness is all that matters,
Even if it costs my life, and it shatters.
And to you, the love of my life, i vow,
i’ll love you forever, as I love you now.
Wont curse you for leaving me like that,
Though to my happiness, its a threat,
But if you wish you stay,
and love me all the way,
Know that these roots are widespread,hard to cut,
is it they are too sharp or my knife’s blunt?

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