Since you left.

A plethora of events,
have happened since you left

I’ve lost a hundred battles,
like unsuccessful cattle,

my life’s immensely altered,
dreams and wishes slaughtered,

I’ve given up my curiosity,
Suffering your atrocity,

My soul’s a hallow abyss,
all withdrawn and helpless,

My personality a shade quieter,
lost my in-born fighter,

My affection for drapery curtailed,
Every test I’ve failed,

Losing my stimulus day by day,
pushing carers away,

drooling on desires I’m caught,
recalling battles I’ve fought,

my mind rewinds the biased crusade,
your treachery it can’t eliminate,

my social circle I’ve curbed,
started being called a nerd,

the scenario continues,
day by day it flows,

Every new day harder than the preceding,
but still all your orders I’m obeying.

Like crazy I’ve been writing my heart out,
the accumulation is all fat and stout.

Had beliefs in our dream house,
wondering why you named me your spouse?

I’ve become cranky and aggressive,
peace and answers seem elusive,

I kept recalling over and over,
my heart sinks lower and lower,

I spread hope eloquently,
but protest myself, diffidently.

I’m trying to get a stone-cold heart,
seeing others in pain, my heart restarts.

So that’s the story of my life,
using my one last strike,

Has your life been altered even slightly?
Or I took the fall alone, oh so brightly?


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