Daddy, so close yet so far?

Why am I standing around your grave?
when lays in there bones and not even clay?
why am i weeping daddy my dear?
what as such have I left to fear?
your departure was the worst,
What else is nature’s thirst?
Why am I weeping over what has been done,
while the world prospers, and cares none?
why can’t I stop sobbing through the nights?
My tears and sheets having fights,
There is nothing now that lies in your grave,
And yet in abandonment, here and there I rave.
you fought cancer, feigning strength in heart and bones,
Not letting us know how you knew what was to come,
I never have and can never believe, that you my dad, took your leave.
I am praying on and on,
wishing wishes all in all,
but what do I wish to find?
other than memory rewinds?
how do I wish to console,
My aching heart, the big hole?
how can I even think he is in there,
Cause he ain’t no body but a soul, so real.
He is pure now, full of light,
Angelic, oh so bright.
I see him prostrating through the  nights,
Through our dark hours, burning lights,
If not for real, in my dreams he is alive,
So, how can you say that he hasn’t survived?
he is a martyr, alive and elated.
With his presence, our hearts inflated.
Oh daddy, you are alive in our hearts,
Oh so close, yet so far!


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