Daddy, your pigeons need you.

The leaves are falling,
falling without wind,
The gay beams of the sun,
sinking in the creamy skies,
The birds up high,
higher in the sky,
their wings fluttering,
To their safe haven returning,
and there you await them,
As the fly to you and reside,
staring, with vision so bright,
As you fill their pots,
with a luscious drink,
they stand there obediently,
watching you walk, patiently,
The tiny seeds you offered,
Their needs got fulfilled,
With goodbyes they bid you,
and to their nests they flew,
Sleeping their peaceful sleep,
while with your departure, we weeped,

and now they await you,
Every passing day,
Searching you every morn and eve,
To and fro they fly and leap,
Gazing with tired eyes, wings weak,
Daddy, your pigeons need you back,
With grief their hearts are also stacked,
and had they known,
The upcoming unknown,
That with the sinking of that sun,
You would sink alongside,
By the rules of death, of nature,
they wouldn’t have let you abide!


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