Flaws make you beautiful.

Not one is perfect in this world,
huge and tiny flaws we all hold.

these tiny scars on your skin,
these memories of past flings,
make me want to  hold your closer,
act as one pain remover.

that pain buried deep inside your heart,
stuck to your organs like lard,
makes me want to remove it with finesse,
give you freedom from the stickiness.

the way you wanna push people away,
with rudeness, making them sway,
that moment i wanna take down your curfews,
pull you outta those miserable hues.

and when you get all aggressive,
seeming so adhesive,
that’s when I want to kiss your lips,
calm you down with tender embrace.

how you get all those mood swings,
getting all cranky in a whiz,
I wanna push these moods away with my fist,
calming the pulses in visible in your wrist.

i wanna take away all those reasons,
all those bad memories, those treasons,
all those things that make you aggressive,
all those scars from the passive,
all those mood swings,
all the traps and flings,
honey, all I’ll let you remember,
is our love glowing like amber,

darling, whatever you’ve gone through,
I promise we’ll find a way through,
all this we do, all that we’ve done,
seeing all those flaws, towards you I run,
honey, they make us cheerful,
these flaws make you beautiful. ❤


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