A Letter to his Ex #004

when the Ferris wheel goes up,
when things get all messed up,
when you’re afraid of the height you’re on,
when the ways out are all ripped and torn,

honey when you are too afraid to climb,
when life does’t synchronize,
you think that you might fall,
life’s bullshit, all in all,

baby, just shut your beautiful eyes,
let go all the treacheries and lies,
think of all the good things you’ve had,
let go off the memories that are sad,

honey, what you should only know,
is that though people don’t show,
but, you’re the best one could ever have,
you’re what makes life worth way more than a tad.

Put away your fears,
embrace those tears,
and once and for all,
let go off, and fall.

when you fall,
is when you’d know,
your strength is your charm,
and to you, none can cause harm.

And though we are no longer together,
but I am always here to pull you and gather,
honey, I am the unluckiest man of all,
but promise, I’ll be here to catch you if you fall.


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