A Letter to His ex. #001

hey lovely lady, who you’vre been trying to fool around?
I can clearly see the sadness in that sound,

your muffled voice as you call me up at nights,
pulling facades, not entrusting me with your frights,

I know it when you try to hold back those tears,
silently sob out of nightmares and fears,

You’re afraid that your disclosure might push me away,
but really, at such times i wanna make you sway,

you may not be my girlfriend anymore,
but baby, you should know you’re amore,

we may not talk every second every day,
but our friendship, is for tomorrow, for today.

you’re the bestest I’ve had, I could ever have,
I’ll love you when I’m in riches, when I’m in rags.

I know you better than you know yourself,
we’ll beat every jinx, as best friends<3


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