You belong with me.

Every time, every moment, you choose her over me,
Though it hurts like a bitch, but I forgive you, see?

day and day out she lies to you,
but never have i ever, you knew.

you keep rushing back to me,
every fortnight your heart pleads.

on your tiny problems, and lil frowns,
I’d give up every bit of my Crown,

Isn’t it clear enough, see?
you belong only with me!


7 thoughts on “You belong with me.

  1. You’re right. That is very tough. I am in a relationship where I am weighing the pro’s and con’s. However, I am one also who puts forth a great deal of my time and energy to making it a great relationship. For the most part it is! I think I need to stay where I am (for now, anyway). A judge once told me……..your foresight is 20/20, but your hindsight is poor. That makes even more sense to me today, then it did back then. Good luck. Danny (RSS, CM1 (those are both in mental health by the way).


    1. you know, I think its a great quality to give our most for a relationship to work. really, that’s one thing we should be proud for!I really hope and wish that your relationship works out really well for both of you, unlike mine.
      Well, that amazing foresight will cover up for the poor hindsight, i hope it does. You know what, thank you so much, its really good to have someone not only reading but also understanding these words. Its good to have a “blogger-buddy”(is that even a thing?:P) boosting one’s hopes! Means a lot! 🙂


  2. Sometimes for various reasons (like maturity, etc.) others do not realize the mates for them that are more appropriate. Hopefully, after “growing-up mentally” and becoming “wiser”, this person (are they truly worth the wait?) will desire you, over this other person. Sometimes, it’s better to “scrape” it and take your losses and start over. That is a decision only you can make. Danny (RSS and CM1)

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    1. well, i really appreciate your words, and you’re absolutely correct, but its really hard to “scrape it off”. I can’t just stop giving my best to my relationships, that’s just me. So, won’t it be like changing myself or something?
      I know this is the right decision but a really hard one!


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