Friend with benefits.

Iloveyou Iloveyou, he repeated on and on,
all those words seemed now but con.
Concerned, he questioned,
what i said, hadn’t u heard?
Patiently she stood right there,
hiding her enormous pain’s share.
She looked at him and smiled,

while her heart inside cried,
held back her tears,
strangled by fears,
as he stared into her tired eyes,
just like years ago, oh time flies.

Years ago as he sat beside her,
held her hand, embraced her.
As he outlayed his emotions,
love and affection notions.
Promises he made, long and deep,
remembering those her heart weeps.

Don’t promise while you’re happy,
it is said rather Truly.
Today, standing right in front of him,
when loving him now appears a sin.
He asked her don’t u love me too?
Oh baby, Why don’t u say so?
She, broken and thrashed,
her protective layer crashed.
And merely burst out,
her feelings clear and loud.
You made me love,
and not just one.
I loved you with a love so pure,
and not just your affection i secure,
but love for myself a
lso bloomed,
and baby i was but doomed.
No doubt you’re here with me all fit,
now I’m just a friend with benefit.
The moment i lost you,
I lost all hopes.
I’m trying hard still to cope.
No doubt that you loved me more than her,
but clearly you didn’t love me enough.
No doubt u made me realize my beauty,
but loving me remains no longer your duty.
Know that this friend with advantages,
hates herself more as she ages,
more than you can ever love her,
she curses herself over and over!

2 thoughts on “Friend with benefits.

  1. Thank you so much Danny, the appreciation means a lot! Well, talking about those “some guys”, no matter how much they try to show that they are care-free and all, they do have a heart, and you know what they love you the most. Maybe they are too egoistic to accept it.
    yupp, it would be amazing if we do find someone like that, i did. but I lost him. its like, i lose him every day. the pain just doesn’t end. The thing is sometimes you can’t just keep looking, I found that one, but maybe it wasn’t my fate, so all I can do is keep trying hard!


  2. That’s a very beautiful poem. It hit some “heart-strings” of my own. Some guys can be so “in the moment” and careless, calling it “care-free”. However, there are plenty “heartless b#tches” as well. It’s amazing, if we ever find the right mates for us. NOT PERFECT! That is a fool’s dream. NO ONE is PERFECT…..including US! I can read a lot of heart-ache and pain in those words. It may seem trite, but all I can say is……keep looking and don’t give up! I know that is not much, but it’s all I have right now. Thanks, Danny (RSS and CM1)


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