King of my Heart.

I have a life of my own,

I rule my own thrown,

Day in day out as I play my part,

Sacrificing, compromising, being the art.

Looking after people, and even ferns,

While deep inside my heart burns

I am satisfied, to the core,

At least that’s what I show.

I have my own buckets full of thoughts,

Tremendous tasks every day I sought,

But if you’d known me better,
you’d know how mind’s scatter,

The thoughts I think,

Of your playful wink,

Thoughts of embrace,

That might cause disgrace,

Thoughts of love,

Filling my heart’s clove

Thoughts of being by you,

Through thicks, thins and flu,

Wondering how you’d be,

Is one of my many tasks,

And though I am the queen of my vast land,

But there you breathe, in my soul and heart,

as the king of kings, and the king of my heart!


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