the other girl.

Eating my leftovers,
imitating my endeavors,
how satisfying is it to pry on the discarded?
how enticing is it to break my heart, all guarded?

I offered you honesty and trust,
yet you blew all away in thrust,
we had scars from the same sword,
yet you got back with the oppressor.

and when the harsh truth was revealed,
I promised I would let my heart bleed,
but never get back with the betrayer,
then on wards he’d be a stranger.

I kept my vows,
No questions asked.
yet you broke all promises,
to get all your wishes.

You stabbed me right in my back,
honesty is all that you’ve always lacked.

Babe, I made you my friend,
although the truth did offend,
the truth that you were his other girl,
and with that thought my heart still burns.

Seeing your tears, when his betrayal was unraveled,
I held back mine, to get your heart levelled,
all I ever got in return, saying it breaks my heart,
was the news that you had got back with My Sweetheart!


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