Oh tears, hold back.

Oh tears don’t flow, don’t let me break,
keep intact, for heaven’s sake.
Shove back the skeletons,
throw away the rake!

I realize what those eyes have seen,
what all those days mean,
what those ears have heard,
covering itself with withdrawal curd.

I thought, breaking the rules would rather help
hence broke them, let go, ignoring my heart’s yelp.

But here I stand rather more shattered,
with my thoughts even more scattered,
I had envisioned it’s payback time,
hurting him would make me fine.

But baby, I never realized,
that life wasn’t how I mesmerized,
the very day that I affirmed my affection,
I had become no one’s but only his.

Hook-up’s, night stands are nothing but lies,
to keep my mind off my past and cries,
Oh tears, hold back,
cover up with a sack.

Doesn’t matter if he’s not mine anymore,
I know he was my only Amore,
But I know he’s still out there,
his veiled acts emitting care.


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