Buckle up, ladies!

Buckle up, put your safety gear on,
its a whole new life, prolonged,
place the shattered bits back,
get a bucket of what you lacked,

don’t let the hurt set the rate,
give up on the fact, bad will perpetuate,
egress your untamed thoughts,
that the former inhabitant left it to rot.

your innocence once got you sacked,
leaving your life torn and ragged,
not a bit of it implied,
to leave your goodness unapplied.

Pack up your blues, and shove in the blacks,
stack up on pinks and hots, cut the slacks!
put your sexiest smile on,
wear that charm in-born!

cause giving up isn’t what life’s all about,
its merely taking round abouts,
go on and search for your ride,
till your flying horse resides!


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