The miserable confinement

You think you know the other side,
of the picture lying open wide, 
its the story of their life,
who have lost, yet are alive.

their losses outnumber their wins,
never ending tears, wash away their sins.
Their every step of life is a curse,
each one from the previous appears more worse.

You think you know, you can feel it,
troubles of their hearts, lightly lit.

& let me tell you, you aren’t even close,
every moment for them is like the devil’s dose,
things happen to them that you can’t believe,
and death appears their solitary relief!

From those many, stands one that I know,
tries to put her fakeness on, goes with the flow, 
have you ever known what lies in her heart?
though you question her, but her mourning doesn’t start.

her swollen eyes, from sobbing all night,
she stays awake while stars are at flight,
Do you know why she spends hours in restrooms?
You think she’s singing her favorite song tunes?

Alas! I am done, 
from the truth, can’t run,
alongside her, I feel her pain,
that stick to her like devious stains.

as she loses her self control,
she confines herself, all sole,
lays her head on her knees,
crushed and overflown with miseries,
tears rushing down her glowing face,
she can’t hold back, her heart’s on race.

though it’s been months and months,
still hurt immensely the deep cuts,
the wounds so down and deep,
thrash her skin, blood seeps,
leaving scars on her dessert skin,
as blood stains her drapery so thin.

and memories are an abyss, she believes,
where if one falls, never relieves,
they stick to you like flies to honey,
can’t get rid of them even through money,
she lost three angels at once, look at the irony!


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