Furnace of passion.

Tenderness when i persuade,
Wildness when passion wins crusade,
Gentle strokes emitting beams of love,
Millions of feelings cooped up in a clove.

Months of misery,
Peak of fury,
Freedom alas,
from misery’s flask.

Nudges, hi-fives,bloom into tender strikes,
Hence, reflecting compassionate vibes,
restlessness, visions of old times,
Desires to relive them, climbs.

Nudging to nestling,
Caressing to cuddling,
Rejoicing to reliving,
Refraining to retaining.

Hence, the furnace is fired up again,
Its sparks, the blazing fire regains,
as emotions take off, higher than planes,
merely body corresponds, build up flames.

Within the fires, within the flames,
breathes a knowing unnamed,
The knowing that it all has to end,
And yet the truth does not offend!


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