A departing soul.

I am a happy man, exuberant, elated,
achieved my goals formerly awaited,
grandson’s and grand daughters i cherish,
appear on my face, wrinkles and blemish.

As I perceive life, I get older every second,
I meet souls all pure, and the one’s all blackened,
step by step moving on, pacing inch by inch,
face accidents every fortnight yet not I flinch.

and thus comes upon me that time alas,
when my pure soul egresses life’s flask,
the grim reaper cloaked as a vehicle,
tears me apart, ends my life’s oracle.

leaving behind wife, grand one’s and kids,
letting go off beloved kiths and kins,
they’re shedding tears as I stand,
alone as a soul, while my body’s on the land.

My body in white all cloaked and veiled,
lovers and acquaintance, their patience failed,
My bandaged head, red with buckets of blood,
out of my wounds, swooshing out like a flood!

I am leaving this world so enigmatic,
leaving lives of people, for a while, static,
I am a happy man, dead but alive in heaven,
Beloved’s, you’ll move on, in days three or seven.


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