intersecting paths.

Every man paves his own way,
Every game has its own play,
Every goal has a plotted journey,
Every soul holds a restricted memory.

Where one egresses to save his honor,
the other regresses following a raised collar,
where one his busy fighting his own acquaintance,
the other is getting thrashed by law formers in abundance.

Where one bore the atrocities of strangers,
bearing congested public vehicles and low wages,
the other facing treacheries of kiths and kins,
moving all lonesome through thick and thins.

Although contrary in all aspects,
belonging to separate sects,
but holding similar goals to achieve,
and equivalent status men to please!

Though their paths lead different ways,
getting them through exhausting days.
but somehow their lives intersect,
unaware of one another, and at varying times,
equal hardships they reflect!


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