The flowing blood river!

Oh Jailer, let me leave,
and enjoy the summer trees,
have the luxuries of life,
enjoy the king’s vine,
egress this torturous confinement,
the thought alone uproots my enticement.
theses four whitewashed walls,
have turned me to a bundle of nerves,
Oh beholder, let me leave!
won’t matter if you once deceive!

Oh Prisoner, my duty’s my faith,
thy enjoyment isn’t above my belief,
allow me to present you a picture,
of what this world has become.

The trees are worn out, being slaughtered,
ruthless have become the rulers democratly positioned,
the king’s vine is nothing but a lie,
the torments don’t spare even a fly,
walking out at nights makes us tremble,
to make ends meet our resources we fumble.

Oh Captured one, find thyself lucky,
yours isn’t, but our future’s murky.
Thinking of where our kids would stand,
when tomorrow we’re deprived of our own lands!
You have a floor to sleep on,
while we’re losing on and on!
Day in and day out, like animals we work,
on our losses, our superiors smirk,
backstabbers, trust-breakers lay far and wide,
life is all but a spiked bumpy ride!

How animals were hunted now people are killed at that rate!
Animal rights are increasing, while ours truncate!
Music seems melodious, while prayers syncopate!
Greed for acquisition of money is leaving our kids bait!

Even the free blowing wind seems expensive,
now happiness seems a threat, peace stands elusive!

Oh Jailer, Oh Beholder, where did my lands go?
the people I left behind, what did they go through?
the trees that previously fluttered,
about the rivers beauty uttered.

Since all has come to an end,
I am elated in this jail where I stand,
I stand saved, while others shiver,
from that ruthlessly flowing blood river!


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