Eid? Not so Eid.

Celebrations and festivities all around the world, but think about those who don’t even have Eid this year? Where clothes don’t matter, one’s who don’t even give a fuck about Chaand Raat whatever. Not because we’re non-muslims, but because what is Eid without the ones you love? Yes, I said “WE”, because I stand among those people. I alone have witnessed six deaths in six months, all being closely acquainted.

Saloons are over crowded with girls, women and ladies, bunches of people heading towards Chaand Raat festivals, while there sits this girl, alone in her room, down with migraine, drinking up her sorrows alongside a couple of pills, missing her lost one, while memories drag her deep down itno the abyss of misery, and yet no one breathes to bring her outta that den.


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