Memories are tar.


At moments like these I don’t know who to walk up to,
when the buried aching comes out bursting,
my heart fails to answer, how to undo,
perplexed how to pay a heed to what’s happening,
cant concentrate on what seemed goals hitherto.

Your gentle wrinkled hands, heavenly and comforting,
my lonely aching heart, desiring what’s been taken,
Oh, this smile so bright, is nothing but me faking,
through the lovely, beautiful memories, I start raking.

I’ve got books open in front since hours,
not a second I have been able to benefit,
Oh Daddy, your memories are like tar,
limitless pain is written in my life’s manuscript!

How badly I  need a consoling hug,
but life is atrocious, no one can spare,
how badly I need a shoulder to cry on,
but each one has his problems, none can care.

How badly I need you back in our lives,
but certainly these are but inevitable desires!


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