I DO. I boycott all Israeli products, do you too?

We all reside in our tiny coops,
coops of love, of emotions and disdain,
coops of fantasies, and the blessing rain,
tiny little confinements,
where only ME breathes,
all’s about me, my problems,
my love, my disappointments,
and ‘ankle wound’.

What of those beautiful livings,
who’ve been living in torment,
facing moments with a hope for it all to end.
Ruthlessly being killed,
cheated, tortured and filmed. 

We sit here feeling vengeance,
while enjoying Their oppressors feasts.
Minutes later,
All we think about is
showing love towards our family,
getting “drinks” named after them, 
baba, mama, baji and dada,
boosting revenues for those foes,
to make missile, continue their rows.

That old married couple,
blessed with a kid after years,
being killed in front of their eyes.

Those sons who left home,
and never came back.

Those women who were mothers,
separated from their others.

So, who exactly is responsible,
on whose side are we available?
The oppressed, or the oppressors?
Aren’t we the one’s fueling their terrors?

We’re blaming those monsters for their sins,
aren’t we the same as them? just with wings.
Wings that exhibit freedom, 
to be with whoever whenever.

Actions speak louder than words,
so your feasts exhibit and drinks say all,
no matter how much you blabber out on social walls! 


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