Utopia, I found thee!

Utopia, my love.
where to find you in this clove,
this clove shaped like a world.
where haters reside, and killers rule,
where dreamers have only dreams to pursue,
hopes are nothing but a string of beads,
holding on too tight might undo the threads.
where birds are encaged,
and lions are petted.
where lovers elope,
when acquaintance forego.

Utopia, Utopia, I search you far and wide,
lead me towards you so I can ignite.

Oh Dear, take away all fears,
and let me enter in thee,
where freedom is free,
where happiness resides,
and love exists beside.
Where the word foe is alien,
where inner beauty is salient.

I’ve searched you in the mountains,
I’ve searched you in the oceans,
I’v searched within my traits,
I’ve searched you in the people,
Hence, I’ve searched lifelong.


ALAS! I think I found you,
accomplished is my exploration.
And hence I found elation,
in my dear lover’s eyes,
with relief my heart sighs.
Happiness is when m’lover’s around,
dreams come true in his eyes,
inner beauty is what he perceives,
love is all that he offers, all worthy,
and freedom is him being with me!


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