A lesser loved one.

Will the darkness prevail?
Will it haunt me forever?
My pillows a pile ov water,
the blanket begging mercy; 
If not for me, listen to its plead at least. 

The memory’s on rewind,
on and on it crushes my mind;
your gentle hands all weak,
all swollen by injection,
your calm eyes caricaturing hope.

Thin tubes strangling you aback,
your pain I cant extract.
The sighs, the moans,
the whines and cries,
Oh dear Lord, why aint I in his place? 

The levels descend, and i lose control; 
Your knowing eyes, perceiving all; 
Your spouse, your kids,
all loved ones around,
praying and begging to Him all alone.
You look around, from one to the other,
as satisfaction soothes your veins,
you whisper your last words. 

While you drift off to your ‘peaceful sleep’,
we stand intact, that the nightmare would end
and we’d have you now and forever.

But fantasies don’t exist,
and all I ever wanted,
was his warm comforting embrace,
when I move away to some other place,
as another’s possession. 

I’m left once again,
with shattered hopes,
a lesser loved one,
and another broken dream!


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