The miserable knowing.

The freezing wind blows,
stroking my cheek harshly,
penetrating into my flesh.

It brings with it a knowing,
making me believe things i cant accept.

I may have a slow responsive mind,
but trust is what i easily put in.
My heart may be easy to break,
but the shattered dreams lying in my feet,
are impossible to fix.

Where nights used to be my awaited flight,
is now nothing but a tormenting crash,
the misery is unending,
my heart merely unhealable.

Where the one who mended it is the one who crushed it,
is it so hard to perceive?
Where the true ones breathed, I made my choice.
Choosing fake admirers,
over a bunch of true well wishers.

Now every second holds a memory,
it haunts me day and night,
thou love I still believe in, cannot be entirely a plot.

The lust might get u somewhere,
but the world is not the destination,
its merely a journey,
even if i don’t bid u bad,
HE ‘ll surely make you pay!


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